All threads we stock are Pure Cotton, suitable for Smocking and Embroidery, Machine Heirloom Sewing, Garment Construction and French Handsewing.

Mettler Art 240/60 weight   $4.50
YLI Heirloom  100 weight $8.00
Presencia Finca Heirloom     60 weight  $8.50
Presencia Finca Heirloom     80 weight $8.50
Presencia Finca Mouline Strandard $0.90

Presencia Finca Heirloom is made from 100% highest quality Egyptian Cotton.


Presencia Finca Mouline Strandard is made of the best 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton.All colours are 100% guaranteed solid dyed and very durable for  Smocking and Embroidery.


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